Air Ambulance Fluid Decontamination Kit

Bodily Fluids • Fuel • Oil & Grease • Paint

DEFENDER BIOHAZARD ABSORBENT is a new environmentally proactive absorbent that is superior to other products because of the range of liquids it can be safely used on.

(DBA) incorporates a new technology blending the ultimate components for maximum clean up of oil, fuel, grease, and paint, as well as bodily fluids.
  • DBA will absorb both liquids and water 
  • DBA will encapsulate the odors 
  • DBA will solidify the liquid 
  • DBA contains special wetting agents that will significantly reduce flammability when applied to fuel spills / scrubbing exterior is coated with a unique wetting agent used for fire fighting. Each particle's interior consists of a system of chambers similar to that of a honeycomb. These chambers lock in contaminates.

Easy 2 step process for bodily fluids: 
  • SPRINKLE on liquid 
  • ALLOW to encapsulate and then remove 

Easy 3 step process for oil, grease, and fuel: 
  • SPRINKLE on liquid 
  • BRUSH in DBA to help remove liquid from surface 
  • Allow to encapsulate and REMOVE

Contents include:
  • (1) 16 oz. container of Defender Biohazard Absorbent (DBA)
  •   (1) Defender Hand Sanitizing Wipe
  • (1) Defender Daily Wipe
  • (1) Wisk and dustpan
  • (1) 1 gallon red biohazard bag