The Vilex External Fixation System

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A Complete Collection of Ring Fixation Components and Controllable Monorail Compressors–Distractors for Foot, Ankle, Leg and Hand.

Unique Features:

  • Robust Aluminum Construction
  • Excellent Components Coupling
  • Broad Range of Ring Sizes
  • Unique Optional Components
  • One-Step Superior Wire Tensioner
  • Lightweight

Additional Features:

  • Lightweight Monorail Pin Clamps
  • Complemented by Industry-Leading Vilex Cannulated Screws

Vilex also offers a comprehensive collection of full rings, posts, plates, obliques, arcs, bolts,conical washers, nuts, allthread rods, hinges, half-pins, transfixation pins, and instruments.

The Vilex eZ-FIX™ system is designed by experienced hand and foot surgeons, specialists in trauma and reconstruction of the upper and lower extremities. The eZ-FIX system consists of circular components, monorail clamps for half pins and transfixing pins, and the whole line of cannulated screw systems offered by Vilex. New components have been added to speed up the assembly of the frame and the actual surgery, and to enhance the surgical outcome.

Flat End Olive Wire Photo

Two olive shapes are available. The flat end olive wire allows bone compression even when bone quality is poor.

Wire Bolt Photo

The wire bolt design is universal: cannulated and slotted. All smooth and olive wires come with a twist drill tip to avoid bone burning during insertion.

One-hand Wire Tensioner Photo

This is a newly designed one-hand wire tensioner with two head sizes for outer and inner ring holes. The tensioner grabs the wire and tensions it to up to 150 Kg of force. The indicator gives exact force reading at mid range, with ±5% deviation above and below. The tensioner handles 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm wires with equal performance.

Foot Plate Extenders Photo

Two types of footplate extenders are available: regular to accept a 1/2 ring and blunt to accept a full ring. Both types are available as standard and long.

Single Raw Extender Photo

Single raw extender for 1/2 rings with blunt ending.

Telescoping Distractors Photo

Two shapes of telescoping distractors are offered: standard and short; both are available with a broad range of shaft lengths to meet any condition. The short is particularly useful in extreme foot-tibia deformities. The counting mechanism is accurate and is simple for the patient to operate.

Rings & Foot Plates Photo

Vilex offers four popular sizes, 140, 160, 180, and 205 mm rings and footplates. Two footplate designs are available: discrete (shown) and integrated with the extenders, allowing the surgeons to utilize all available plate holes and to increase the rigidity of the structure.