HammerFUZE™ - Hammertoe Compression System

Fully cannulated implants and instrumentation promote optimal surgical precision.

The HammerFUZE™ Hammertoe Compression System implant sizes address a broad range of patient anatomy.

Multiple sizes accommodate anatomical differences and variations in bone quality of the phalanges to address most clinical needs.

The HammerFUZE™ Hammertoe Compression System provides surgeons with fully cannulated implants and instruments for simple, effective hammertoe correction.

System Advantages

  • Completely cannulated system for both straight and 10° angled implants
  • Stop drill, broach and driver are also cannulated
  • Implants are self-tapping, self-drilling, and hand-sharpened
  • Optional temporary stabilization utilizing k-wire
  • Titanium implants, no freezer storage requirement
  • CompTWIST™ helical barb design offers additional compression at arthrodesis