Nitinol Memory Compression Staple

A simple solution to your most common orthopedic and podiatry needs.

Vilex introduces the new Memory Staple System compression staple system. This new staple design is convenient to use with various sizes of staples and all the tools needed to complete the procedure – all in one convenient, compact kit.

This new staple design has been tested for strength and fatigue and results show that Vilex has a stronger staple. In addition, Pull-Out tests show that Vilex also has a substantially better pull-out ratio.

Just like all the other innovative Vilex products, this new Nitinol Memory Staple System is competitively priced.

Vilex Memory Staple System Advantages:

  • Alternative or complimentary impact to screw or plate fixation
  • No heat activation required
  • Constant compression at the osteotomy site
  • Low profile

Tray Content:

Drill Caddy Contains:

  • Drill Guides: 25mm, 20mm, 18mm, 15mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm
  • 3.0mm Dowel Pins (2)
  • 2.0mm Dowel Pins (4)

Staple Caddy Contains:

  • 8x10x10 (4)
  • 10x10x10 (4)
  • 12x10x10 (4)
  • 15x12x12 (4)
  • 15x15x15 (4)
  • 25x22x22 (2)
  • 20x20x20 (2)
  • 20x16x16 (2)
  • 18x14x14 (2)
  • 18x12x12 (2)
  • H200 Universal Handle
  • DA2012 Drill Bit
  • DA3022 Drill Bit
  • Staple Inserter
  • Tamper – One small and one large