The Vilex FUZE™ - TTC Arthrodesis Compression Nail

Vilex FUZE™ Provides Surgical Advance through Compression by Fusing Tibiotalar and Talocalcaneal Joints

The Vilex FUZE™ combines the compression capability of a screw and the structural strength of intramedullary nail fixation in one device. The FUZE™ provides unparalleled compression in ankle fusion for trauma, diabetic Charcot foot reconstruction, and patients with arthritis.

The FUZE™ was developed in collaboration with board certified orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist Dr. Steven Neufeld, M.D., and designed to be minimally invasive with both patients and surgeons in mind. Cannulation assures proper positioning of the implant within the intramedullary canal. The main features of the design are the three thread segments and the six locking cross screws. A precise targeting device assists the surgeon in engaging cross-screws without direct visualization.

The FUZE™ is threaded at the leading end, middle, and head to provide both ankle joint compression and load support. The leading thread and its synchronized pitch serves as drill and tap for the middle thread segment. The head features a cortical thread intended to engage the plantar aspect of the calcaneus. The middle thread is designed to engage the distal tibia without crossing the ankle joint. The FUZE™ achieves additional compression, up to 9 mm, across the ankle joint by virtue of the pitch differential between the head and middle threads. There are two locking screws near the head, both oriented lateral-medial, and one inclined 45° anterior-posterior to compress the calcaneus to the talus. Proximally there are three locking screws: two are lateral-medial and one anterior-posterior.

The FUZE™ is offered in either titanium or stainless steel in five thread diameters from 10-14mm and lengths 150-300mm. The 5.0mm locking screws are fully threaded.

The device is currently patent pending and has received 510(k) clearance from the FDA.