ABC II Cervical Plating System

Altrux and Aesculap are pleased to introduce the new ABC II Cervical Plating System, designed to augment cervical spine stability after trauma or surgical procedures.

The ABC II system consists of Titanium alloy anterior cervical plates in various lengths and configurations, and self-drilling bone screws to affix the plate to the anterior cervical spine. The ABC II System features a unique, patented locking screw. The ABC plate in combination with the unique locking screw is designed to allow graft settling and to maintain axial loading on the graft. This prevents back-out, but allows settling. The design allows angulation of plus and minus 30 degrees in the vertical axis as well as plus and minus 8 degrees laterally and medially in the coronal axis.

The screws come in self-drilling unicortical versions, which are pointed and colored blue for easy identification and are available in 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 millimeter lengths. The bicortical screws, which are colored blue, are also available in variable lengths in one millimeter increments from 10 to 28 millimeters. The screws feature Aesculap's unique, patented, internal self-locking mechanism, which is activated after the screw is in its final position.

The ABC System offers a number of advantages over previous generation anterior cervical plating systems. It has been designed to facilitate application and allows the surgeon flexibility in screw placement, angulation, and in type of screws (i.e. unicortical or bicortical) as the surgeon's experience and judgment dictate. Depth and angulation of drilling can be precisely controlled as well.