The Vilex Plate System

Vilex offers a broad array of bone plates for hand and foot arthrodesis. The packaging is designed to accommodate trauma surgeons faced with unpredictable situations. However, most plate shapes can be identified with specific surgical procedures.

All locking plates are designed to accept both locking and non-locking screws, cannulated or solid, as applicable. Plates are pre-bent to meet surgical requirements. All trays come with all necessary instrumentation including: joint reamers, plate benders, centering tools, guide wires, stabilization pins, depth gauges, and more.

The Trauma Plate Tray is an ever-expanding system with numerous options. Vilex is continually adding shapes to meet specific needs. Users are advised to check with Vilex periodically and consult the monthly news letter for additions in plates and instrumentation.

Redesigned MPJ Plate

Why Choose the Vilex Plate System

The Vilex Plate System allows the surgeon many choices. There is not just one tray for a specific procedure. Normally, Vilex customizes a plate tray to meet the surgeon’s preferences. In addition, Vilex adds new designs and shapes continuously and often offers experimental plates to meet specific needs. Some design features are unique to Vilex.

The locking plates accept both locking and non-locking screws in the same hole. In addition, in case a hole is stripped or damaged during a procedure, the surgeon has access to a larger diameter screw with the same head as its smaller counterpart.

The inclusion of cannulated locking and non-locking screws enable the surgeon to center the screw precisely within the plate hole, seating all screws flush with the plate. Each plate possesses two small holes that accept 1.1 mm (0.045”) k-wires or stabilization pins for holding the plate against the bone while inserting the screws. In addition, the Vilex Dual-Thread Screws and F-series are compatible with most locking plates. Vilex Dual Thread Screws and F series Screws are one in the same.

Tray Content

Plate System Content Photo

  • Trauma Set(July 2009 Version)
  • Plates
  • Locking Plates Caddy
  • Non-Locking Mini Plate Caddy
  • Screws Caddy
    • Locking: Solid (LS-Series)
    • Locking: Cannulated (FP-Series)
    • Non-Locking: Solid (PS-Series)
    • Non-Locking: Cannulated (FT-Series)
  • Instruments
    • Drills
    • Drivers
    • Depth Gauge
    • K-Wires
    • Stabilization Pins
    • Plate Benders
    • 1st MPJ Reamers
    • Angle Measure
    • Bone Estimator
    • Bone Clamps
    • Screw Lifter
    • Centering Posts
    • Tissue Protector

AFPXXL, RJoint Arthrodesis52, 60mmLockingLeft & Right, Prebent
MPJXXL, RMPJ Arthrodesis52, 60mmLockingLeft & Right, Prebent
STRXXL, STRXXRDouble-ended55, 60, 65mmReversible, LockingRight or left
DBLXXJoint Arthrodesis50, 55, 60, 65mmLocking Right or LeftReversible
CPXXLCalcaneal Plate50, 55, 60, 65mmLockingReversible Right or Left
CPFXXLFlexible Calcaneal Plate50, 55, 60, 65mmLockingReversible Right or Left
LAPXXLapidus Step Plate5, 6, 7mm stepLockingReversible Right or Left
PXXLUCUniversal14, 33mmNon-LockingLeft, L-Shape Up
PXXRUCUniversal14, 33mmNon-LockingRight, L-Shape Up
PXXLXCUniversal14, 33mmNon-LockingLeft, L-Shape Str
PXXRXCUniversal14, 33mmNon-LockingRight, L-Shape Str
PXXSFCUniversal14, 33mmNon-LockingT-Shape
PXXSFCUniversal40, 50mmNon-LockingStraight

LSXXTFull Thread LockingSolid3.0mm
PSXXTFull Thread Non-LockingSolid2.0, 3.0, 3.5mm
FT30TFull Thread Non-LockingCannulated3.0 thread
FP30TFull Thread LockingCannulated3.0 thread

PAGXXXXAngle Guide0809 1011 1213 1415
Z400-100-22Drill2.2mm x 100mm
K11-60Stabilization Pins1.1mm 1.6mm
Z810Bone ClampDigits & Toes
BC190-100Bone ClampScaphoid
P670-XXMet Head Reamer (Male)14, 16, ... 20mm
P680Phalanx Reamer (Female)14, 16, ... 20mm
P450-XXCentering Post12=1.2, 20=2.0mm, Locking
P460-XXCentering Post/Tissue Protectorxx=14, 16, 20, 25, 45mm Non-Locking
Z700-16 Z700-25Hex Driver1.6mm 2.5mm
K100-11 & K60-11K-Wire1.1mm x 100mm
P465Tissue Protector Arm 
P470Plate Bender 
Z235-100, Z200-030Depth Gauge100 mm/k-wire 30-mm A/O
BEC-100Bone Clamp Estimator 
38-825Goniometer, Angle Guide 

Plate Procedure

Plate Procedure

  1. Hold plate over bone using two positioning pins.
  2. Screw centering tool into threaded plate hole: gold for 1.6mm wire and non-cannulated screws,blue for 1.1mm wire and cannulated screws.
  3. Drive corresponding wire bi-cortically if possible.
  4. Remove centering device.
  5. Measure for screw length.
  6. Remove wire if non-cannulated.
  7. Place screw in hole (or over wire) and drive normally.