VariLift-L Posterior Interbody Fusion Device

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The expandable VariLift Interbody fusion Device is designed to achieve secure fixation in stand-alone use.  Its effectiveness is supported by a strong body of clinical evidence, making it a simple, dependable, and proven solution for spinal fusion.

In over 15 years of clinical use, the VariLift-L has demonstrated excellent clinical outcomes.

Avoiding the use of pedicle screws means a shorter, less invasive procedure—and a quicker recovery.

The typical incision length of VariLift case is 2".

The small pre-expansion size of the device and the intuitive instrumentation provide ease of insertion. 

When expanded, the device fills the disc space and creates a large bone-contacting area, providing immediate stability and resistance to migration and subsidence over time. 

The VariLift Interbody Fusion System is a simplified approach to spinal fusion—with straightforward insertion and anatomic design that preserves the native anatomy. The strong body of clinical evidence—including over a decade of experience in thousands of patients—shows that stand-alone interbody fusion is a proven reality.

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