SIGNAFUSE is designed to provide a rapid, bioactive response, optimized resorption profile and unparalleled handling characteristics.

The SIGNAFUSE Difference:
  • SIGNAFUSE enhances surgical performance through an optimized combination and ratio of materials that mimic the natural structure and composition of cortical and cancellous bone.
  • It is comprised of a biphasic mineral composite, combined with patented bioglass granules, to facilitate a rapid and sustained biologic response throughout the bone healing process.
  • SIGNAFUSE’s resorbable polymer carrier is designed to provide best-in-class handling.
  • SIGNAFUSE is designed to enable shaping to any size defect, maintaining graft integrity when combined with autologous bone, and resisting displacement during irrigation.
SIGNAFUSE Bioactive Surface Response:
  • The patented bioglass component stimulates the formation of an apatite layer as early as seven days on the surface of the granules, providing an osteoconductive scaffold that is bioactive and supports generation of new osseous tissue.