Spyder MIS Retractor System

The Spyder System is an innovative retractor system indicated for use in the lumbar spine with Aesculap Spine’s S4 Pedicle Screw System. It features a simple and easy-to-use mechanism that offers full adjustability in both the cranial/caudal and medial/lateral directions, in addition to top-loading blades that can be removed intra-operatively without the need to remove the retractor frame during use. The blades and retractor arms are manufactured from X-ray translucent titanium alloy and retract and tilt allowing the ideal field of view with a minimal length skin incision. In addition, the blades are offered in a variety of sizes designed to encourage the surgeon to utilize an ever more localized and less-invasive surgical approach on posterior fusion cases.

The system also offers a novel compressor and distractor instrument that unlike other compressors and distractors is specifically designed to match the Spyder blade sizes and be used in cases where a small skin incision (30 mm length) is made. A light source can be integrated and the frame attached to one of two Aesculap holding arms when needed.