LifeLink Allografts

LifeLink Tissue Bank provides a variety of bone and soft tissue allografts for orthopedic, spinal, trauma and other surgical procedures.

Features of Cervical Grafts:

  • Donor carefully screened using among the most stringent criteria in the industry
  • Recovered and processed under aseptic conditions
  • Processed utilizing patented Allowash® technology
  • Machined to precise specifications
  • Variance on width and length= ± 0.25mm
  • Variance on thickness = (-) 0.15 / (+) 0.25mm
  • Texturized to resist migration and increase surface contact
  • Cortical surface maximizes compressive strength
  • Large 7mm same donor cancellous plug promotes osteoconduction
  • Available with or without cancellous plug (refer to Cortical Spacer)
  • Available lordotic or parallel
  • Lordotic slope is 3.5° on inferior and superior surfaces
  • Instrumentation is available