Scatter Shield

Cat. No. 8055 (Complete set Navy Blue)
Cat. No. 8056 (Slide Rail Bracket)
Cat. No. 8057 (Replacement Drapes)
Cat. No. 8058 (L-Arm Support)
Cat. No. 8055-C (Custom set – Call for availability)

  • Protects physicians and assistants from scatter radiation from the patient and the table top. It also provides lower extremity protection for personnel in close proximity to the tube, especially during lateral head studies.
  • Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum (metal parts), the Scatter Shield is perfect for use in Cardiac Cath, Special Studies, O.R., Anesthesia, EPS and Endoscopy.
  • Easily mounts on any table that has a side-rail. Shield system moves with the table for uniform, continuous protection during the case.
  • Foot controls are easily accessible. Physicians can easily adjust position of the Scatter Shield during a case with turnknob.